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  • How does your wireguard vpn service work?
    • Signing up for our base packages gives you access to our DNS geo-targeted vpn network.  Your ip will change depending on where you are in the world.  For example, if you are traveling to NY, you will connect to our NY vpn nodes and get a NY ip address.  If you then travel to South America, you'll connect to our Brazil vpn nodes and get a Brazilian ip address.  You have the option to purchase a static ip as well.  Static ip's are not available in every location so please reach out to our support team if you want to find out which locations support it.


  • What payment methods do you accept?
    • Stripe and Paypal


  • Can I use your vpn service for any illegal activities such as hacking?
    • 100% no!  Do not use our vpn service for any illegal activities.  Obviously this won't be easy to track since we do not keep any logs ;-) We just don't want our service to be used for such activities.


  • What is your vpn service good for?
    • Getting around website restrictions, having a static ip if your home ip changes often, general browsing and streaming, etc.


  • Will I get connected to the closest vpn node automatically?
    • Yep!  That is the beauty of anycast and DNS geo-targeting.  You will automatically get connected to the closest vpn node from your location.


  • Can I get my own static ip and not a shared one?
    • Yes, in certain locations this is possible.  If you do not want an anycast static ip, we can setup a location specific static ip. Open a ticket and we'll let you know what is possible for this request.


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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